Sunday, May 24, 2015

Announcement: Working with the Ramonas!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post to let you all know of a really cool announcement we have to make!

It's no secret that both myself and Martin love ourselves some old school punk now and again and one of our top bands to see on a night out for many years has been The Ramonas! If you don't already know of them then be sure to check them out! They provide such a kick arse show that we couldn't help but offer our humble services!

As a result we're now proud to say we're working alongside Victoria Smith (Pee Pee Ramona) and Zoë Waugh (Rohnny Ramona) to build their new guitars for them! Over the next few months we'll be making a P-Bass replica for Victoria and a JR Mosrite replica for Zoë. Must say it's great to be working with these two musicians as they know exactly what they want and are involved in every aspect of the builds!

As you can imagine we're really excited to take on this project and we're looking forward to getting stuck in to making a couple of awesome guitars for an awesome band!

As you can expect we'll be regularly updating with progress of both builds so be sure to check back here often and as always you can following us on Facebook for all the latest news and ramblings!

Any questions or comments feel free to leave here or email us!
Best regards,
Mike & Martin


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