Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ramonas Build Update #4 (Special Guest Edition!)

Hi everyone!

Here we are again for another update to the guitars we're building for the great girls of The Ramonas! This update is going to show the final parts of neck construction, scratchplates and a visit to our humble workshop from a special guest!

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The start of the fairly long process of profiling the necks. Unless a very specific type of profile has been requested we tend not to use gauges and just go by feel alone. As soon as the neck starts to feel comfy and snug in our hands we can start lightly sanding down until it's the desired thickness and shape. Here you can see the bass neck is about half way through.

After a while things start to resemble a more familiar form

Once both necks have been fully profiled the next step is to fret them. The Fender® P-Bass replica, however, is going to have a gloss lacquered fretboard so the fretting on that one will come much later, once all the lacquering is done.

There was also one very important job on the Mosrite® replica that we needed to do before we fretted the neck and that was to make up a scratchplate!

We made the scratchplate using a piece of white ABS plastic and using the old tortoises shell one we had as a template. We affixed the scratchplate to a piece of wood and used a small router bit to out out all the relevant cavities and holes.

Once the whole thing was cut out we smoothed all the edges with some light sandpaper. Not a bad result if we do say so ourselves!

So with that done we thought we'd have a quick look at how things were shaping up as a whole for both builds.

Good job we did too as we had Victoria Smith (Pee Pee Ramona) knock on our door to see the progress for herself!

Many thanks for coming down Vicky! We're very glad you're happy with all the progress so far!

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All the best,
Mike & Martin


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