Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ramonas Build Update #5

Hi Everyone!

It's time for another update to the guitars we're building for The Ramonas! If you've not seen the previous parts, go check them out first!

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Following on from the last post we needed to lacquer the fretboard of Victoria's bass before we could start fretting it.

Once the lacquer is cured we can start fretting the neck. We'll still be unable to round and dress the fret ends until the rest of the neck has been lacquered.

With both necks nearing completion it's time to get down to painting the bodies! It's hard to tell the difference with the Bass but this is with a few coats of white primer....

.....and this is with the Olympic White paint.

Here we have Zoë's guitar with it's primer coat on

Looking good in it's new Light French Blue outfit! Trying to find a decent colour match to the original genuine Mosrite® proved troublesome but pretty happy with how close we were able to get!

Here's a little mock up we did to show what the finished article will look something like.

Now starts the incredibly long process of lacquering everything! This takes many weeks as it's all done by hand but will be well worth it in the end!

Hope you guys liked this post, leave a comment or question if you have any or drop us an email! You can also check us out on Facebook for all the latest news!

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