Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Ramonas Builds Finale!

Hi Everyone!

Well it's been a long road but the guitars for Rohnny and Pee Pee Ramona from The Ramonas are finally finished! We had a hard time getting the Ramonas logo decals to work well under the lacquer as they are a lot bigger than we've ever tried to use before but with a lot of persevering we managed it and think they look great!

If you haven't checked out the progress posts of these builds yet, go check them out to see how these axes came to be made!

Initial Announcement
Part 1 - Bodies
Part 2 - Necks
Part 3 - Fretboards
Part 4 - Finishing Touches & Special Guest
Part 5 - Painting & Lacquering

So here are the finished articles in all their glory!

First Up Is Pee Pee Ramona's Bass

 And now for Rohnny Ramona's Guitar

So there we have it! Really hope you enjoyed following the progress of these builds and a big thank you to Victoria, Zoë and The Ramonas for giving us the opportunity to do this!

Look out for the girls playing these on their upcoming tour starting November! We're really excited to see them being played live!

Thanks for reading and keeping up with these posts, if you have comments or questions feel free to leave them here or drop us an email! Remember you can also check us out on Facebook for all the latest news and other builds!

All the best,
Mike & Martin


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