Tuesday, April 08, 2014

1976 Gibson® Les Paul® Standard Refurb Pt.1

Hi Everyone!

Over the last couple of weeks we've been working on a beautiful 1976 Gibson® LP Standard! Over the years it had been heavily played and put away without being cleaned or maintained. The state we received it in was quite impressive! Click the images to enlarge! We tried our best to keep as much of it original as possible and got away with only changing the saddles in the end!

As you can see the bridge is in a pretty bad way with a lot of built up dust, grease and corrosion. The chrome has almost completely become matte with tarnish and the bridge saddles would not move on their adjusters.

The strings were like elastic bands and felt as if they'd been living in the sea for the last 10 years. Machine heads were gummed up with a lot of corrosion and dust. The chroming had completely tarnished and the plastic pegs were encrusted in a thick layer of dust and grease.

As you can see the chrome plate for the output jack was completely tarnished and the screws were completely rusted and hard to turn.

The pictures don't really do it justice but the fretboard looked as if it had the full 38 years of sweat and skin build up on it! The frets themselves had tarnished badly and had visible lumps of crud underneath them.

The electrics were crackling and buzzing when plugged into an amp. After investigations we found many of the solder joints were on the verge of breaking entirely and many of the components were badly corroded.

The guitar's finish was very dusty and was on the way to becoming matte. running your hand over the body the lacquer felt rough to the touch and was covered in grease spots and built up crud.

It's taken a good week of work to get this guitar looking and playing well again! Tune in for part two where we'll go through what work we did and how it looks & plays now!

Best regards,
Mike & Martin



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