Wednesday, April 09, 2014

1976 Gibson® Les Paul® Standard Refurb Pt.2

Hi Everyone!

So after a good week or so of cleaning and refurbishing the Gibson® LP has been restored to its former glory! We managed to keep everything original apart from the saddles for which we changed out for Graphtec® replacements.

This is after the bridge had been disassembled and cleaned throughout. A lot of elbow grease and metal polish was used in the process but the results are plain to see!

The Graphtec® saddles add a nice contrast to the chrome bridge as well and really help with keeping a stable tuning!

A nice shot showing the the Tune-O-Matic stop bar after another deep clean. Luckily the chroming hadn't pitted too much and we were able to bring it back to looking almost new!

As you can see the output jack has polished up very nicely! We weren't able to bring it back to perfection as the chrome pitting was too deep to bring back to a flawless finish. We were able to polish the mounting screws quite effectively as well which meant keeping more of this lovely guitar original!

The machine heads cleaned up very well with some metal polish and a thorough going over with a Dremel® polishing wheel. The turn a lot more freely and they hold tuning with a lot more stability!

Here you can see the machine head mounting washers before and after cleaning! We went over each individual component with metal polish and a Dremel® polishing wheel. Time consuming but it does give very good results!

The fretboard took a lot of work but ended up coming back to a decent condition. We first had to rub the wood down with a cleaning solution to free up the deeply ingrained dirt. The next step was to gently scrape the fretboard with a razor blade to clear the free'd dirt and get the worst off. It was then a case of rubbing the wood down with 3000 grit sandpaper and then rehydrating with lemon oil. The fretwire was cleaned, levelled, re-crowned and then polished back up to a mirror finish! Luckily we didn't have to replace any frets and were able to salvage the originals!

We tackled the guitar's fading finish by using progressively less abrasive rubbing compounds until all of the fading and swirl scratches had disappeared. It came back up to a beautiful deep gloss and has regained it's shine! As you can see the chrome pickup covers also were able to be returned to high lustre.

After all the cosmetic refurbishing the last thing to do was to replace all the broken solder joints, dismantle the electrical components, clean them and make sure there were no crackling or buzzing once it was plugged in!

A final set up and minor adjustments and it was looking and sounding as good as it did coming off the hook in 1976!

Hope you enjoyed reading about this job! It was a pleasure to work on this model and we hope it has many good years of playing ahead of it! 

Any questions or comments please feel free to email us!

Best regards,
Mike & Martin


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