Monday, April 28, 2014

Ibanez® JEM7V Refurb Pt.1

Hi Everyone!

Here we have another refurbish job! This time on a a good ole' Ibanez JEM7V!

Pretty legendary guitars in their own right the JEMs were Steve Vai's Signature guitar series and came in all different models and some very interesting colour schemes. This one was a pretty standard white and gold affair but had been laid up for a while and was showing noticeable wear & tear and some bad metal pitting in places.   

Here you can see that the trem has some fairly bad pitting and tarnishing of the gold finish. This kind of wear is pretty difficult to tackle as the gold is only a thin coating and any abrasives will rub through and expose the metal underneath. Without buying a brand new trem or re-coating the old one you can use a razor blade you can gently scrape some of the pitting off and using a hard nylon brush remove the worst of the corrosion. It's then a case of lightly polishing the good areas back to decent shine. It's not a perfect restoration but it does make a noticeable difference. See upcoming Part 2 for the results!

The Ebony fretboard had seen much better days and you can clearly see how bad the skin, grease and salt build up is here. The fretwire was also quite tarnished and in need of a good spruce up.

This is an example of how around 80% of the, previously gold, screw fittings looked like.

You can see that there was a lot of built up dirt on the finish, the body was the same story and it was more grey than white. You can also see the state of the machine-heads. Quite tarnished and a lot of built up dirt!

Here you can the dirt build up and discolouration of the knobs and pickup plastics. 
There was also a great deal of crackling when played plugged in and one of the tone knobs was very loose and rattling around on the scratch-plate.

All in all not too bad of a condition and mostly just wanting a good clean up and fettling! Upcoming will be part 2 where you can see the results of our work.

Best regards!
Mike & Martin


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