Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Specifications & Services!

Hi Everyone!

Here is a quick run down of what kind of services we offer here at SWG. Use these as a guideline but please bear in mind we are very flexible and any fine details you might wish to discuss can be done so via emailing or calling us.

Full Custom Builds

We offer two main options when it comes to custom builds:

1. You can choose one of our existing designs and then we will build your custom guitar using that as a base.

2. You can come to us with a design of your own and we will work closely with you to bring that design to life.

Pricing For Option 1

With so many variables in every guitar build it's hard to pin down a standardised pricing system. With that in mind be aware that all prices listed below are subject to a slight change depending on availability and customer requests.

For a build using one of our designs the base price will be £850. This includes the choice of selected woods, hardware, electrics and pickups. The standard finish we offer is a natural wood with a satin cellulose finish to protect and seal the wood.

We then offer a selection of additional options and extras, should you wish to modify the build further. These extras can be things such as:

  • Minor shape modifications
  • Exotic woods & Tops
  • Any hardware or electrics / pickups not included in the base selections.
  • Custom paints or finishes
  • Custom decals
  • Custom inlay
  • Binding options
All of the above would be on a "price on request" basis and discussed while we work through the build with you. We are very flexible and will make every attempt to bring everything within your budget without sacrificing your vision for the build.

Pricing For Option 2

Due to it being almost impossible to account for the variety of designs and options you could come to us with to build, we cannot offer any kind of base price here. If you wish to discuss a design of your own you would like us to build then please get in touch and we'll be happy to help!

Mike (Luthier) - 07923388193

Martin (Sales) - 07896663914


Servicing / Repairs & Modifications

Alongside our custom builds we also offer servicing for your existing instruments. This can be anything from a simple string change to full restorations.

As with the custom builds this is a very much a "price of request" area. Please get in touch with us if you have any work you would like carried out and we can give you a quote!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions about the various services we can provide at the below email address or our Facebook page!


Best regards!
Mike & Martin


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