Wednesday, August 06, 2014

1985 Fender® Jazz Bass Refurb Pt.2

Hi everyone!

Here are the fruits of our labours with this bass!

Looking much brighter now! We didn't do a huge amount with the finish as apart from the dings and depressions it wasn't in too bad a condition.

We found individual saddle height adjustment screws or the right thread were almost impossible to get hold of without importing from America. We decided instead to just buy a new bridge entirely.

We gave the electrics a clean up and made sure they weren't crackling. Also we replaced all of the scratch plate and control plate screws.

After dismantling, cleaning and shining all the components of the machine heads they have come up looking almost brand new!

We managed to bend the peg heads back into alignment and made sure they were shining!

The frets surprisingly came up looking very good indeed! we gave the fretboard a going over as well with some light wire wool and a good lemon oiling!

We are happy with the way this turned out! Looks and plays so much better now!
Any comments or questions please leave here or email us!

Best regards!
Mike & Martin


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