Wednesday, August 06, 2014

1988 Squier® Bullet Refurb Pt.1

Hi everyone!

Here we have a 1988 Squier® Bullet. The owner bought this guitar in a shopping catalogue back in '88 and has had it ever since. Despite the age this guitar wasn't actually in too bad a shape! The body had taken most of the wear and tear as the neck only needed a light polish and an oiling of the fretboard to bring it back to a good standard!

Here's how it started, The usual yellow fading on the plastics and an array of scratches and dings.

Missing its 5 way switch tip and a nice grime build up around the screws and plastics.

Some nasty scratches on this side, thankfully not gone right through to the wood so should be relatively easy to touch-up.

Another deep scratch.

You can see the general condition of the finish is getting quite worn. A lot of minor scratches and general wear & tear.

A quick look at the electrics, nothing too bad here, we'll just give it a clean up and check all the connections for wear or cracking.

All in all the neck wasn't that bad but the machine
heads were pretty gummed and tarnished with dust and grime.

Stay tuned for the "after" pics in Pt.2!

Best regards,
Mike & Martin


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