Wednesday, August 06, 2014

1988 Squier® Bullet Refurb Pt.2

Hi everyone!

Here are the results of our work on the 88' Squier® Bullet!

After dismantling , cleaning and polishing the machine heads came back to life very nicely!

We replaced the yellowing plastics with new white ones. The scratch plate is original as the yellowing wasn't bad. All we did was give it a clean up and polish. There was a large deep scratch near the contour that is hard to see in the "before" pics but we managed to buff it out and get the finish looking good again!

We gave the dusty, grime filled bridge a good going over. Dismantled and individual components cleaned brings it back to a good condition.

Here's the shot where that large scratch previously was. Looking good now after some light sanding, buffing and polishing.

And an after shot of the other major scratch and we replaced the missing switch tip!

For its age this little Bullet has come back to life remarkably well! I hope you've enjoyed its refurb, the owner certain did! Any comments or questions please leave here or email us!

Best regards
Mike & Martin


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