Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hi everyone!

We were tasked with building a P-Bass replica for a young customer over the last few months. The design brief we were given called for some pretty eye catching paintwork! Specs are listed at the bottom of the post!

It proved fairly challenging to hand paint these tiger stripes but we think it came out looking pretty good! The blue and the black provide a really vivid contrast!

We had a custom decal printed per the customer's request and it looks great against the all black headstock!

Unlike most P-Basses, the customer had requested that we put the output jack on the side rather than the traditional scratchplate mounted option. In place of the output jack we were asked to fit a killswitch instead.


                     2 Piece Swamp Ash 
                   1 Piece Maple

                   Indian Rosewood & white dot inlay

                  Fender® Style Standard Tuners 
                 Fender® Style Fixed Bridge 
                    Chrome Knobs
                  Graphtech® Black TUSQ® nut
                  Strap locks

                 Seymour Duncan® SPB-3 Pickups
                    1 Volume, 1 Tone
                     Mono Output Jack
                      2 position toggle killswitch


                  Acid Catalyst Lacquer

This proved to be an interesting and fun build and we're glad to see it in the hands of its very happy customer!

Best regards,
Mike & Martin

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Hi everyone!

Usually these types of thing we do present in a 2 part format but this guitar wasn't in that bad a condition so this will be a smaller post.

We had a Washburn® Nuno N1 come in a for a little refurb and set up. This guitar had been in storage for the best part of 10 years so for the most part was just a case of blowing the cobwebs out and giving it a good set-up.

The usual build up of grime on the fretboard and fretwire here. Nothing too drastic and easily solved with some cleaning fluid, a toothbrush and polishing paper.

Given a good clean and dousing in lemon oil the fretboard and fretwire come up looking good again.

Poking around in the control cavity led to a few interesting finds. The guitar had a tone pot fitted many years prior by another Luthier. The installed tone is the larger of the two pots shown here.

We were surprised at the amount of empty space that would have otherwise been here as standard!

A couple of pics to show the finished article!

That's it for this one! Hope you enjoyed reading!
Any questions or comments please leave here or email us!

Best Regards,
Mike & Martin