Monday, March 30, 2015

Santa's Delivered Early To SWG Headquarters!

Hi Everyone, Mike here!

So after much deliberation I decided to get my moth filled wallet out and spend some cash on some new equipment. After spending the best part of 2 days just to sand 4mm off of an ebony fretboard blank it dawned on me that maybe this isn't the most efficient way to go about things.

 So this beauty arrived today. Apologies for horrible pics, my phone is fairly terrible at this.

So we have a wood thicknesser here. Kind of does what it says on the tin.

Essentially you put a bit of wood in one end, black magic then happens and out pops the wood the other end at the correct thickness!

While this may seem like cheating it will be a much more efficient way of thicknessing wood for me and will allow me to quicken the pace of builds quite a bit!

And because I got carried away while looking at shiny things I also bought this!

It's not far off what I use currently to make nice smooth curves however this one goes up and down as well as round and round......I shouldn't be allowed near tool websites.

But remember kids, with any big heavy box of magic it's a case of safety first!

Stay tuned as there is a great new build coming up in a week or so! Until then I shall sign off and get back to work! 

Ta'ra for now!


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